Basque Biobank

Osakidetza Eusko Jaurlaritza


The biological samples from the Basque biobank are associated with clinical data and medical images.

Here is information on the images collected from the biological sample collection that are available to the scientific community.
1. PICCOLO RGB/NBI (WIDEFIELD) image collection from human samples:
2. PICCOLO MPM image collection from human samples:
3. PICCOLO HE/MPM image collection from human samples:
4. PICCOLO OCT image collection from human samples:

To access these images, it is necessary to fill out one of the previous cited forms or to contact the Basque Biobank from BIOEF (authorized by Health Department of the Basque Country and inscribed at the Institute of Health Carlos III Biobank registry), which will inform you. Moreover, you need to send to the project in which PICCOLO database would be used in PDF format together with the commitment to destroy PICCOLO database once the project is finished.

Sample collection was obtained after the signed informed consent from the patients and in line when the national regulations. The use of human samples together with the related patients’ information was approved by Clinical Research Ethical Committee from the Basque Country (CEIm-Euskadi

The use of the dataset is restricted for research and educational purposes and use for commercial purposes is forbidden without prior written permission.

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