Basque Biobank

Osakidetza Eusko Jaurlaritza

Use of samples in Research

Essentially all breakthroughs in new diagnostic, prognostic and treatment techniques are preceded by research studies that attempt to determine the cause of various diseases. Thousands of biological samples are therefore required.

The Biobank is a warehouse where researchers can find biological samples collected with the utmost guarantees in order to undertake their studies. This speeds up research and therefore helps to introduce any breakthroughs into clinical healthcare much more rapidly.

If you donate a sample to the Biobank, you will be helping to broaden our understanding of the disease with which the study for which you have donated the sample is concerned, thereby helping to develop new markers or therapeutic devices to improve the care and quality of life of these patients. It may not bring any immediate benefit to you, but it will help other patients with this disease to enjoy better treatments and diagnostic systems in the future.

In order to inform donors of the progress achieved, the overall results of each project for which the Basque Biobank has provided samples will appear on this web page.

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