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Frequently Asked Question

What is a biological sample?

Any biological material (blood, tissues, saliva, hair, etc.) containing genetic information.

What is an informed consent for biological sample collection?

A document by which, after being appropriately informed, you freely agree to donate a sample for research.

What benefit am I likely to obtain if I donate a sample to the Biobank?

The donation of sample for research purposes is voluntary and purely altruistic - the only benefit is that arising from progress in the fields of medicine and health care.

Will donating a sample cost me anything?

No, all donations are free.

Who can request my samples from the Biobank?

Any research group that presents a research project approved by an ethics committee.

What is a research ethics committee?

These are bodies independent from the research project sponsors and the researchers themselves which have been created to oversee the methodological, ethical and legal aspects of any research project that may present physical or psychological risks for humans.

Who can access my identifying information?

Both personal and health- and sample-related data are collected using the coding or anonymising procedure requested by you on the informed consent form. Only the doctor responsible for obtaining your informed consent can link the sample to your personal information.

Any researchers who receive your sample via the Biobank will be provided with the appropriate clinical data in a coded or anonymised form, thus meaning that they will not be able to link them to you.

If I give my consent for a sample donation, will the surgeon remove more tissue than required during the operation?

No, surgical procedures are not affected by whether the patient wishes to donate samples for research. The sample sent to the Biobank is taken from what remains after having confirmed the diagnosis of your disease.

Can I withdraw my consent?

You can withdraw any consent you may have given to participate in a research project or to donate a sample to the Biobank at any time. You will not have to give any explanation of your reasons for doing so and your future health care will be unaffected.

What happens to the sample if I withdraw my consent?

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