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1st National Biobank Network Conference 2010


The Basque Biobank, together with the ISCIII, and under the management of Manuel Morente, coordinator of the National Biobank Network, organised the first meeting of the National Biobank Network, which was open to anyone interested in the goals, organisation, operation and current problems faced by biobanks.

The first National Biobank Conference was held at the Euskalduna Conference Centre and Concert Hall in Bilbao on 20 and 21 October 2010. This conference was based around four main topics concerning the operation of biobanks. These topics were discussed at four panel discussions:




 Wednesday, 20th of October


Inauguration (Vice-councillor of Health, Basque Government: Olga Rivera)

Presentation (Basque Biobank for Research-OEHUN: Roberto Bilbao)

Presentation of the National Biobank Network  (CNIO, Madrid: Manuel Morente)

Managing a Biobank (Moderator: CIC-Salamanca and Salamanca University Hospital: Enrique de Alava)

The CIBERES Lung Biobank, Mallorca (Cristina Villena) 20'

The Basque Biobank for Research-OEHUN, Bilbao (Roberto Bilbao) 20 '

The National DNA Bank, Salamanca (Alberto Orfao) 20'

The Valencia Tumour Bank (José Antonio López) 20'

Managing biological samples and quality controls (Moderator: Basque Centre for Transfusions and Human Tissues, Galdakao: Miguel Ángel Vesga)

Neuromuscular tissues: The Brain Bank (Biobanco Vasco para la Investigación-OEHUN/Hospital Txagorritxu, Vitoria-Gasteiz: Nuria Terán) 20'

Tumours (The Andalusian Tumour Bank Network, Granada: Ana Isabel Sáez) 20'

Blood (Banco VIH, Madrid: Mª Ángeles Muñoz) 20' 

Stem and reprogrammed cells (Cell lines bank CRMB, Barcelona: Begoña Aran) 20'


 Thursday, 21st of October

The ethical/legal framework of biobanks (Moderator: Legal Advice section at Dept. of Health, Basque Government, and Data Protection Safety Commission, Maite Andrés)

CEIC -Hospital Clinic, Barcelona (Marta Aymerich) 20'

CEIC-ISCIII, Madrid, (María Concepción Martín) 20'

Biobank customers and users (Moderator: Biobasque, Bilbao: María Aguirre)

Sample deposition and requesting clinics (Hospital Donostia: Adolfo López de Munain) 20'

Biotechnology companies (Oryzon, Barcelona: Carlos Buesa) 20'

Pharmaceutical companies (FAES, Madrid: Mª Luisa Lucero) 20'

Patient associations (Asociación Española Contra el Cáncer AECC, Madrid: Pilar Perote) 20'

Presentation of the course "M.Sc. in Biobanks" in Valencia (Valencia Biobanks Network, Valencia: Jacobo Martínez)

Closing lecture: Biobanking: Ethical, legal and social aspects, data sharing, and open access (CSIC, Madrid: Catherine Heeney)


(Biobanco Vasco para la investigación-OEHUN, Roberto Bilbao)

(CNIO, Manuel Morente)

(Fundación Vasca de Innovación e Investigación Sanitarias-BIOEF, Carmen Garaizar)


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